Hauser Lake View Webcam

Hauser Lake Webcam

A very pretty view indeed! Webcam from the CyberCoolCats. Cool cats with webcams, check them out!

Missouri River Reservoir

Lake Hauser was created when the Hauser Dam impounded the Missouri River near Helena, Montana. This 3200-acre, 25 mile-long lake is popular for fishing and fly fishing. An area known as Land of the Giants is popular with local anglers. Large rainbow trout haunt its waters and is best accessed by boat. Brown trout, walleye, and perch also inhabit the reservoir’s depths.

Hauser Dam

The hydroelectric dam that which Lake Hauser was built twice. In 1908 the original dam breached during spring flooding. A second dam was completed in 1911. The dam generates about 17 megawatts of power and operates by gravity. 700 feet in width, the dam has a storage capacity of 98,000 acre feet of water when full.

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