St Joseph’s I-Cam Webcam

Polson, Montana

St Joseph's I-cam webcam in Polson Montana

Webcam located at St Joseph’s Hospital in Polson, Montana. The view looks to the north. Pictured is Flathead Lake, Polson Bay, and the Mission Mountains.

The KPAX webcam at the St Joseph Medical Center has a nice view of the lake and mountains. The webcam view is featured on the news daily.

Flathead Lake

Polson lies at the southern end of Flathead Lake. Here you will find a small community with a nice downtown that features shops, restaurants, hotels, and businesses all within walking distance to the lake. The Mission Mountains rise to the east of town and reflects in the lake’s placid waters.

Flathead Cherries

For the communities around Flathead Lake, cherries are an important commodity. At an altitude of about 3000′ above sea level, and with a climate that offers many sunny days, the area around Flathead Lake is perfect for growing sweet, delicious cherries.  Cherries orchards rim the lake, especially on the east side. Every summer, Polson hosts a Cherry Festival.


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